Study financing in The Netherlands

Financing your study in The Netherlands

One of The Swipe’s many missions is to highlight the fact that studying abroad doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved just for students from wealthier families. We understand that the financing of studies in The Netherlands is an obstacle for many to achieve their ambitions if they are outside the borders of their own country. Therefore, we are here to provide you with information and point out the options you can use to overcome this obstacle.

Many students are aware that they cannot rely on their parents to cover the costs of living and studying abroad, including some members of The Swipe team. Precisely because of such situations, The Netherlands offers (international) students the possibility of financing in the form of loans or gifts. The student finance package (“studieninanciering”) includes 4 parts: student loan, travel expenses, additional subsidy, and tuition fees. It is possible to request all 4 categories, but not necessary. One or more separate categories are also possible.

Student loan

This form of financing is a loan from the state and you must repay it after graduation. Repayment comes with very favorable terms, including an interest rate of 0%, but it is subject to change from year to year. The amount of the student loan is up to around € 500 and it is possible to cancel it at any time.

Travel expenses

If you do not live in the same city where your university is located or you just want to move freely in The Netherlands with the help of public transport, paid travel expenses are a very useful option. Public transport in The Netherlands is mostly paid for by public transport card (OV-chipkaart). It can be used on trains, buses, trams and other means. By activating the paid travel option, you can be allowed unlimited travel during the week or weekend, whichever you choose.

Additional subsidies

If you opt for the additional subsidy, you will need to enclose your parents’ income from 2 years prior to the year for which you are applying for the subsidy. If your parents’ annual income does not exceed a certain amount, you can get up to about € 400. The additional subsidy is a gift and you do not have to return it if you complete your education within 10 years.

Tuition fees

Despite the fact that the price of university programs is not extremely high, it is still possible to ask for help with payment. Funding for tuition by the state covers the entire amount of tuition and you also receive it as a gift if you complete your studies on time.

If you decide to apply for student financing, you can do it via the website of the Dutch Ministry of Education (DUO) and there you can find more details and conditions.

Aside from tuition fees, subsidies, and loans, you can finance yourself by finding a student job. For more information, check out our blog about student jobs in The Netherlands.

For more information about financing, university programs and possibilities in The Netherlands contact TheSwipe and check out our what we do on our website theswipe.eu.

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