Life in The Netherlands without Dutch language

Što je ovjerena fotokopija?

Is it possible to live in The Netherlands without knowledge of the Dutch language? Of course! The Dutch come first when looking at the fluency of the English-speaking population outside the countries where it is the official language.

On the one hand, this is great because it means that when you enter the store you can very easily communicate what you need without Dutch courses. On the other hand, it does not encourage you to learn the language, which means harder, or longer, integration if you plan to stay here to work and live.

It is also an obstacle when you want to be friends with Dutch people who are otherwise closely connected to their family and friends. They are mostly kind to foreigners, but entering their circle of friends is challenging, but possible with a good knowledge of the Dutch language.

What is possible in The Netherlands without knowing Dutch?

  1. Shopping for groceries at the supermarket or market
  2. Order food at the restaurant
  3. Purchase a ticket for transportation and use of public transportation
  4. Order for a doctor’s examination or a meeting at the bank
  5. Parttime jobs
  6. Studying in The Netherlands

Why do you still need the Dutch language (or at the very least a translation application)?

  1. Reading the terms in the lease or purchase agreement – if the landlord does not make an effort, they are mostly in Dutch
  2. Post-graduate work – even though it is possible to find a job without knowledge of Dutch in large international companies with offices in the vicinity of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven
  3. Easier integration within the company after getting a job
  4. Reading mail from the municipality, tax and water supply – any official information comes in a dark blue envelope, but only in Dutch
  5. Starting a business in The Netherlands – most of the steps are described in Dutch

How to start with Dutch?

  1. DuoLingo offers at least basic preparation and introduction to sentence structure
  2. Online materials like this, this, but also many others, whether blogs or YouTube tutorials.
  3. Enrollment in one of the foreign language schools in your city back home
  4. Enrollment in one of the foreign language schools in The Netherlands – due to the COVID-19, complete online classes are available
  5. Enroll in a Dutch course offered by the language center of a university in The Netherlands for which you are applying *
  6. Repeat the words you learn every day, but also listen and read materials in Dutch and translate for yourself – fluency comes with time and practice, but also with a lot of will power

* Courses are free at some, but not available at every university, and the application process for the course is similar to that for courses, but due to high demand it is necessary to be fast at the time of opening applications.

We from TheSwipe team have managed in The Netherlands with and without knowledge of the language, but we know how difficult it is to start the search for a good educational program and we are at your disposal for enrollment, and more information about the language itself can be found on our blog.

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