Making an appointment for the bank and local municipality


This service includes making an appointment so you could get your BSN number (Citizens Service Number) and a bank appointment to open a new account.

In case of missing your appointment, it is necessary to schedule a new one.

When you are moving to the Netherlands there is a lot of things you have to do. Because of that, as you move into your new accommodation or haul your suitcases through the beautiful streets of Dutch cities we are think of your registration with the municipality (BSN) and the bank.

This service is there to make your moving to The Netherlands easier for you, while you are enjoying new experiences and discovering Dutch culture, TheSwipe handles administrative tasks for you.

Obtaining a BSN (Citizens Service Number) and creating a new bank account is one of the most important steps when it comes to moving to the Netherlands.

By using this service, you can remove 2 important tasks from your list and leave it to TheSwipe to arrange appointments in the municipality to get a BSN and at the bank of your choice, so you can open a bank account.